Saturday, 15 October 2011

Fino restaurant

I've always wanted to try barrafina but the thought of needing to queue and wait for a table always put me off. 
Having found out that Fino, which is its sister restaurant, with the same menu + u can book, of course we have to go and try it out.  
We later remembered that it actually joined Gordon ramsey's best local restaurant competition. tho didnt win

We sat by the bar - which we very much enjoyed - having a glimpse of the actions in the kitchen and with very attentive service! 

Lomo Iberico 
very soft and it didnt last long :p 

Ham croquette
nice chunky ham with very creamy and smooth potato. coated with very crispy bread crumb! 
croquette seems like something very simple but they have made it to another level 

Chipirones - little deep fried squid with some oregano! 
the oregano really empowered the flavour a lot 

Pork belly
this was quite disappointing
- the meat was very tender and flavoursome but the skin wasn't crispy at all 

Arroz negro
- very very nice! the rice was soaked in garlicy ink sauce
perfectly seasoned
What I would like to complain about is the portion tho! 
It is very small for 9 quid!

This is definitely the best Spanish I have had in far :)

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