Saturday, 20 October 2012

Midsummer House, Oxford


we went for the market menu
before we went there, I thought we would be able to taste winning chicken dish at the great british menu. but it was taken off the menu :(

Started off with - Cashel Blue, Broccoli and pear

a chef then came out with a black celeriac - slowly cooked for yearssss in open coal.
He chopped it in half and cut out a piece out with a spoon. 
poor it over with hamhock stock and served with picked celery..
sprinkled with powdered celeriac skin

very pretty plate of fish
this was one of my favourite course
the pepper is stuffed with squid
Venison loin, Suet pudding with roasted parsley root
Seasoned with pine which I have never tasted pine before,  it's actually very fragrant
I'm surprised why pine leaves isn't used in cooking more often

Apple crumble with baked yogurt

Raspberry and tarragon roulade
It looks very pretty but doesn't taste that good.
I'm not sure about the flavour combination plus those raspberry discs were chewy ..

On the whole, the food was good but the service wasn't as great as I expected for a 2 star restaurant.
They forgot to serve us chocolate with the coffee until I asked them when I get the bill :p
Biggest mistake ever :p

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